Ē Terumī (頂く照美, Terumī Ē) is the primera Espada, the first Espada. He uses Ulquiorra's famous Cero Oscura, and all of his other techniques like Lance of Lightning and he even shows to have a second release form, But he can only use these techniques while in Release mode. His Zanpaktou is La Oscuridad Cae, which means Darkness falls.


Ē has long, shiny, black hair that reaches only to his shoulders. He has his Espada tatoo on the palm of his hand, He also has his Espada outfit in a weird fashion that looks like many hollow teeth. His hollow mask is on the side of his face that he can pull onto his face. His hollow mask is just the mouth with very short teeth. Later he actually takes the whole Hollow mask off thinking that it will power him up, although it just turns him completely human.

Second Coming of Aizen Arc

As Aizen was watching his Espada fight, another one came, Ē, the strongest Espada, he was getting ready to go to the Soul Society when Aizen gets cut by a Soul Reaper, the Spirit King! Ē instantly executed a Cero Oscura and missed by a whole lot. The Spirit King then kicked him and Ē went into his Release form and used a move called Omega Cero Sencretico along with Aizen. They blasted a whole through the fake body of the Spirit King, and the coast was clear, no Soul Reapers were near them except a fake Gigai of some sort. Ē and Aizen goes on a killing spree and destroys much of the whole city.

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