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These Espada are the works of User:0 Espada's mind.

Rank Name Zanpakuto Hollow Hole Location Tattoo Location Remains of Hollow Mask Status Fraccion
Primera Agua (first water) Tanque-sama Infanteria Unknown Right Breast None Tiara-like Thing (Obscured by her army helmet) At The El Elemento Meeting Unknown
Primera Electricidad (first electricity) Ichiro-sama Infanteria Unknown Over His Heart None Tiara-like Thing (Obscured by his army helmet) At The El Elemento Meeting Unknown
Segunda Viento (second wind) Saburo-sama Fauxpas Sadico Demonio Foot None White-colored Hair (his natural hair color is red, like his brother Jiro-sama) At The El Elemento Meeting Unknown
Tercera Tierra (third earth) Luxuria Hippogriff Masoquista Forehead None Ninja-style Helmet/Mask At The El Elemento Meeting Nicolasa and Ofelia
Cuarta Fuego (fourth fire) Jiro-sama Fauxpas Acero Chest None Entire Mouth and Jaw At The El Elemento Meeting Maximino and Melchor
CINCO (five) Shini "Lolita" Dokuhebi La Muerte Waist None Broke Entire Mask Off Fighting Captain Vendettro Rokuhime Fernanda and Miyuki
SEIS (six) Laluka Walrusso Caballero Entire Body (absorbed hollow hole to gain power beyond normal hollows) None Not an Arrancar Fighting Captain Kaminari Elettrico Marcelo and Florencio
SIETE (seven) Tristitia Akishabatarappo Esqueleto Neck None None Visible... Fighting Captain Vulture Zonbii Lupe and Marcia
OCHO (eight) Grate-Wyte Sharq Envidia Chest None Black Headband Fighting Captain V-san Hebiro Juan and Luis
NUEVE (nine) Dokuro La Brandir Inflamable Left Leg None Rock-like Headband Fighting Captain J-san Hebiro Felicia and Inez
DIEZ (ten) Zuraran Oceano Marina Eye None Mafia-like Fedora Fighting Captain Sju Rokhisyolier Enrique and Federico

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