In the middle of the Soul Society, is a complex. This complex is where the Captains meet. On this day, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Division Captains are meeting to discuss certain events. What lies ahead for these 4.

The Top 3

The Top 3 Captains

As two large doors opened, three figures stepped in. One was Koumori Hinpatsu, Captain of the 2nd Division. Next was Jinsoku Enzeru Captain of the 3rd Division and Tsumetai Shirogetsu Captain of the 4th Division. They walked to a round table that had four chairs. In the chair farthest from the door was a man. This man had a noble look and strong demeanor. "I see that all of my Generals could make it" said the man. "Yes Captain Commander-sama" the three said in unison. He kneeled his head and placed his hands infront of his mouth. "I believe you know what we are here to discuss" said Captain Commander Ikusen. "Its about the recent rise in Hollow activity... no?" said 3rd Division Captain Jinsoku folding his arms. "Yes, I see Jinsoku is up to date. What about you two" asked Ikusen. "The recent Hollow attack was on Rukongai where my men took them out promptly" said Koumori closing her eyes. "After recent study on the wounds of the Hollow attack victims, me and the 4th Division have learned that the Hollows are using a fairly weak Cero called Cero Morder." said Tsumetai. "Good, we are all on the same page" he said with a smile Suddenly a man bursted through the door and called out "Hundreds of Hollows are invading Rukongai!". "Ao Whats happening" called Ikusen clenching his fists. He quickly caught his breath and began to speak. "Hundreds upon hundreds of Hollows are attacking Rukongai. Divisions 11 and 13 are currently holding against them but won't hold out much longer." said Ao. Ikusen closed his eyes took a breath and looked up. "Koumori, Jinsoku bring out your troops and aid the others. Tsumetai provid and medical attention you can and go as far into the battle you can" he called standing up from his seat. "Commander-sama what are you doing" asked Ao. Ikusen pulled out his Zanpakuto and said "I'm in a good mood. I feel like a battle".

Now outside the building, Ikusen Tenushi was holding his Zanpakuto ready for battle. "Shou za Okiai! Arashi ue za Enkai" he called as his sword changed shape and he was soons surronded by multiple tornadoes of water and wind. The tornadoes began ripping into the Hollow army killing many of them. "Amazing!" called a Shinigami from below. "The Commander is awseome" called another. "Stop admireing and save your home" called Ikusen alerting the Shinigami to move on. They did so and in about an hour they survived and saved Rukongai from utter destruction. Ikusen let out a sigh of relief and looked up at the sky. "Could've been worse" he said.


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