Nichihare Kurayama was sitting early in the morning on a bench at the outer borders of the Soul Society, watching the sunrise. He sighed as he saw the time, and got himself up so he could start with his daily shores as a captain. Man, he never thought being a captain was that much trouble...

...Captain Hokōra Shimura was busy wandering around the 8th Division quarters, early in the morning. Ever since she returned to Soul Society, it seemed that all the tasks had become hard to do. A simple walk around the 8th Division quarters seemed boring. Sparring with her squad members seemed boring too. She decided to shunpo around the Soul Society borders, so off she went. The breeze disturbed Kikyo Kurayama, who was busy resting.

"Well isn't this great...I get promoted to Lieutenant and there's no one here," Nathaniel Koroshiya said as he rounded a corner, scratching the back of his head with his mechanical hand. He sighed. "What am I saying? This isn't the Stealth Force! Squad Eight isn't up before the crack of dawn! Kyōraku stood testament to that!" He said, spreading his arms wide for emphasis.

As Kikyo looked up from her resting position, she was just in time to see her captain leave the quarters. "Hokōra-sama, wait!" She said, and grasped her Zanpakutō, who was standing against her bed. Realizing her captain was already gone, she loosened her grip on the blade, but still decided to get up. It had been long since she had seen her brother. After she got dressed properly, she got out of her room, only to see the new lieutenant Nathaniel Koroshiya standing there. She waved and then ran at him.

Meanwhile, Nichihare was about to leave, when he suddenly saw a Shinigami flash-stepping a few feet from him. Seeing the white haori and the black Bird of Paradise, he recognized the woman as the new captain of the eight division. They hadn't met yet, so Nichihare decided to go and greet her.

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