After losing a number of Shinigamis in Kanmuro Town, The Soul Society decides to make one last try before sending in a Captain. The last one chosen to try and protect the town is..

"Metaru Fukku! You have been chosen to be sent to Kanmuro Town" said the 13th Division Captain with a sad look on her face. "Yes, Captain Itami" he replied and afterwards left. He approached the Senkaimon Gate and just looked at it. "It's the first time I pass through this gate" he said and waited calmly for it to open with his straw hat in his hand. As it opened, he placed the straw hat on his head and walked through.


Metaru in his gigai

Metaru arrived in Kanmuro Town and looked around at the humans. "Ignorant humans" he said and walked around for a bit to get to know that part of town better. He brought a paper which explaned directions for him. Metaru followed them and ended up in front of a small storage. He opened the door and found a crate with his name on it. He opened it and took out a life-less body. "I see the 12th Division did somehing good for once" he said with a smiled and got into the gigai.

He walked out into the sunshine "This Gigai feels great!" he said to himself and proceeded to walk around for a bit. He went into various shops to find out what their products were. Metaru went into a music shop. He looked at the CDs and posters. Blue Bird by Joe Inoue was played in the backround. Metaru walked up to the counter and looked at a sign on the side, which said "Worker Wanted" A girl was listening to music on the other side and didn't notice him. "Hello? I would like to work here" he said, but she didn't respond. Metaru repeated himself and then she noticed him "Sorry, what was it?". "I would like to work here!" Metaru said a little angry. The girl duck down behind the counter, reappeared and tossed him a shirt "You have to wear this" she said and resumed to her music.

Later that afternoon Metaru went back to the storage, which now was his home. He worked in the music shop 5 days a week outside from his Shinigami duties. As Hollows appeared, Metaru defeated them and kept the peace in Kanmuro Town.

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