Amatarou was hacking away at Rascar's defenses. The arrancar was blown away at how much power the captain possessed in each blow she delivered. It was strong enough to shatter bone, if not for his heirro. "What is with this woman! She was calm in front of my master and now she is ferocious! Time to turn it up a notch." he thought as he regained control and began fighting back just as harshly. Rascar turned his cero on her and Amatarou leaped out of th e way. She tossed one of her blades in Rascar's direction and commanded, "Root out!!" The sword immediately started glowing and shot out large tree roots that bound Rascar to a large spire. Amatarou then pointed her second blade up towards the sky, "That was almost too easy." she said. Her blade glowed a dark blue and morphed into a long wooden spear, "Now, fall arrancar!" she declared as she hurled her new weapon at the trapped Rascar.

"I don't think so sweety." he mocked as he easily tore from his wood prison and dodged. Both weapons changed back into swords and floated into Amatarou's hands. She snarled and leaped at him again, "Don't even start getting cocky! These wooden swords are more than they appear to be." she shouted. "Geez lady, I'm right here. Do you have to scream?!" he retorted, mocking her. She didn't speak, she only continued to bare down on him. He managed to escape her attacks and start one of his own. He thrust his sword forward at her, "Helado Púa!" he declared. A blue burst of spiritual energy erupted from the tip of his blade, slamming into Amatarou, freezing her torso. She looked stunned, "What the hell?!" she exclaimed. "Looks like I've just about won this." Rascar said. He raised his blade towards the skies, "Now I'll end this little skirmish, Incendio Tormenta!" he commanded as the skies seemed to ignite in flames and fire rained down on Amatarou.

Now we turn our attention to the battle between Fifth Division captain, Zukia Tojiro and Kakugyo.

Zukia continued to barrage Kakugyo with all his might but the arrancar didn't seem to stop. Kakugyo then stopped, "This will only be fun if you fight seriously captain." he said laughing. "Fine bitch." Zukia spat, "Rise up, Akuma!" he commanded and two corpse dolls appeared at his side, "It's all over now.."

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