call-name:become visible agito type:sound,smell touch

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The user of this zanpakto is donte hirako

the son of shinji hirako and agito takes the form of a light blue mediam sized mideval blade with numerous abilities

shuzei:an ability that allows donte to use a super sonic sound wave every time he clashes swords with an enemy a shock wave so powerful that the� first wave causes the enemies ear drums to explode and they go deaf immediately donte however quotes that each time a wave is let off they are 10x more powerful than the last so he says that by time the second wave is let off it creates such a high pitch sound frequency that the enemies brain overloads and it explodes along with their heads

genkaizo:agito is able to release a sweet scent able to disort one sense making them hallucinate for example they might see an attack coming from in front of them and then hallucinate and think its coming fom the back then turn around to block it and then get cut from the front making him see things that arent really happening or can distort forms the enemy might try and attack you and when he tries to in his own mind he just stabed you threw the heart but in reality he just killed his own comrad

tousen:an ability that numbs the enemies body when donte cuts into any part of the opponents body that part instantly becomes numb but the rest of the body very slowly starts to turn numb as well�

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