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This article, Aien Kien, is property of Takeshi57.

The Aien Kien (合縁奇縁 lit. Shared Bond, Mysterious Bond) are 8 people with powers over one of four bonds.

The Bonds

Kihan no Shinrei (羈絆心霊 lit. Bond of Spirit)

Kihan: Takeshi and Shion Ohmizu

Kihan no Senka (羈絆戦火 lit. Bond of War)

Kihan: Seireitou and Kamui

Kihan no Kurushimi (羈絆苦しみ lit. Bond of Suffering)

Kihan: Unknown

Kihan no Shuushi (羈絆終始 lit. Bond of Beginning and End)

Kihan: Unknown

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