Aka Jigoku is a Dark Master of the Grand Councel, who is from the Akuma or Demon race. She poses as an Expada. She is also the leader of the Negatibu, which is a race of Arrancar.


Aka has short chin-length black hair. When Aka turns angry her hair turns bleach white, or what she calls bleeding. Her eyes turn to a deep crimson red that’s seems to be glowing. In this form she always wears bandages on her right eyes. Sometimes she transforms. Aka is said to be the worlds greatest Dark Master . In truth her age has been long forgotten for she has died over twelve times. She has used dark masters “Death " to infinitely revive herself and keep her looking young and cute throughout the centuries. A testament to her true power.Most of Aka’s outfits are black, with tints of white here and there. At times she wears the traditional Dark Masters training outfit. She also carries a black handled, silver bladed sword. The weapon's name is Ankoku, for it serves only serves the strongest Dark Master in the world.She wears the Dark Master ring. It says Kami. Kami means God. Before Aka starts transforming her eyes grow red and her hair turns bleach white. It’s what she calls ‘bleeding’. In this form she wears a bandage over her left eye, because then no one will know she has a missing eye.A black wolf with glowing red eyes. In this form Aka has an infinite amount of tails that rapidly grow every second. The form has a pair of wings. Aka starts out with one tail, when her own skin still shows, until the more tails she gets the larger she becomes and her skin doesn’t show at all. The wolf has sharp claws and fangs. The sun is her left eye. The wolf also has a set of crow wings.


Aka’s parents were the leaders of the Death village and didn’t really care about their children, except for Hoshi the 8th who would take the thrown. They ignored Kuro, and than focused their attention on Aka, wanting her to marry the prince of a far off land, and then she’d leave the castle. They were both killed by Aka. Hoshi the 8th was mean and arrogant, he got everything he wanted, and was cruel to everyone. He was a pervert and loved touching and embarrassing girls. Meanwhile Kuro was cool and calm, he was aloof and serious, and loved Aka dearly, when he learned his parents were going to make Aka marry he wanted to kill them, though he knew he’d get in trouble for it. Kuro was the only person Aka left alive when she killed the Jigoku clan. Later he traveled Aka with and became a Dark Master. Kuro also killed his best friend as Aka killed hers.

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