Akira Jaken is captain of the 10th division.


Akira is tall with red hair.


Akira is a complete sociopath, as well as a masochist, with a love for killing and inflicting pain as well as receiving pain.


He obtained his position by killing the previous captain.

Powers and Abilities

Jaken is a master of hand-to-hand combat and Kendo (Although his defensive skills are somewhat lacking), as well as destructive Kido.

Jaken's Zanpakuto is called Akuma, who's form resembles an oni. Its release command is "curse", becoming a steel gauntlet that has the pentagram engraved in the palm. Known as the 'Cursed Gauntlet,' it has the power to curse anyone it touches. The same effect can happen when it crackles with red energy that Jaken can shoot at his opponents. When releasing it in bankai form, Jaken clutches the left part of his face with his gauntlet hand. it reforms around his eye and becomes an ornamental, demonic eye. This form, "Evil Eye Akuma", has the power to inflict pain and death just by looking at the person.

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