The Akisuke clan are made up of hybrids of the ancient Katran race, which were a race of humanoid-felines that existed around the time that the Yatsumaru and Kawahiru clans did. They were wiped out by the Yatsumaru clan, but survivors managed to breed Shinigami-hybrids. These hybrids few hybrids eventually banded together to form this clan. Somehow, Hollow genes also mixed with the Katran ones, causing Arrancar-Katran hybrids, which are just as plentiful in number as the Shinigami-Katran ones. The one thing they all have in common is having cat ears and cat tails with varying colours. Their chosen leader is Kagura Tanagari.
Akisuke Clan symbol

The Akisuke clan symbol


While mostly unspecified, their ultimate goal seems to be a cross between survival and manipulation. They send out members constantly to "blend in" with other factions and spy on them, then record this knowledge. Known missions like this were Len's joining Sadow's Empiro and Oburen Kainda joining the Shadow Apostles (although he eventually stopped contacting them, thus making them suspect he's switched sides.)


Remarkably enough, their hideout is a large cave resting on a creek that leads straight to Rider City for a couple of miles. Though if this is their only hideout is yet be mentioned. This cave is, as Hisame puts it, "pimped out" since it is filled with old stolen things like; a lamp shaped like a woman's leg wearing a stocking, purple shag rugs for carpeting, a scratching post next to a chair with a large-screen TV in front of it, and a partially-cracked Disco ball resting at the top of their living room area. Hisame also further implores that they use special Kido to have electricity for their appliances in that cave.

Known Members

Kagura Tanagari- Leader

Jessica Tanagari- Co-Leader

Hisame Arashi- Expert on mechanics, Kido, weaponry, and electronics

Krieger Schtemfield- Tracker and data recorder

Shinji Tanagari- Cook and expert thief

Len- Tracker and messager

Oburen "Obi" Kainda- Expert shooter (Defected, Deceased)

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