His face has not been seen, because he is always masked. It is not his hollow mask. He has Black hair, and Black eyes.


Unlike his master, The Forsaken, he shows emotion. But the only emotions that can be seem is hate and contemt. It is unknown if this affects his master, since there training sessions have too much spiritual pressure for shinigami to come close.


He woke up in soul Sociaty, in Zaraki, as a child. Soon after he woke up, he made friends with a nameless boy. He took the name Akuma. They lived in Zaraki, stealing of people, and beating up those who dared get there goods back. They had no other friends, because no one seemed to be able to hang around them. They seemed to need food, but couldnt understand it. After a few years, the boys were confronted by a hollow. They tried to fight it, but lost. As they were about to be consumed by the hollow, a Soul reaper wielding a Blade in the shape of a Angle wing apeared, and cut of the arms of the hollow, kicked it up, and threw the blade at it. It was killed. He then pulled the blade back. He looked at the kids and asked if they were alright. The namless boy kept quiet, but Akuma shouted that they would of beaten the Hollow easy. The Shinigami simply looked and asked them if they were hungry. Akuma said yes. The shinigami smiled, then suddenly he was behind them. He asked them to run away, then stated, 'Bankai. Satans demon wing'  The boys looked at the human sized Hollow. it snickeded and asked then who would like to be consumed first? Its eyes went wide, and Akuma and the Nameless boy were forced to there knees. The Shinigami was suddenly behind the hollow, the number 'Ichi (1) clear to see. The hollow died, and Akuma stood up. The nameless boy stayed down. The shinigami turned around, and looked at Akuma. He then asked is Akuma wanted to become a soulreaper. He said yes. He trained at the Shinigami acadamy, and was out in 5 years, after mastering the blade, kido, and hand to hand. He compleated many missions. Soon, he learnt that the name of his Blade was Kurotoge( Blackthorn) . He eventualy became the 5th of the 8th squad. then 3rd seat of the 1st squad. When the 1st squad captain went missing, he went to look for him. He followed his footsteps, and eventualy became what he is now. The same as The Forsaken

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