Alchemy is a unique form of reiatsu manipulation known by many people. In earlier times, the manipulation of Reiryoku became the foundation for Alchemy by people in Medival times. Years later the ability to manipulate reiryoku through the elements became known to Umi Honojiroi a close friend of Tennō Kintarō.

Forms of Alchemy

Elemental Composition- A standard form of Alchemy that includes the decomposition and recomposition of basic elemental materials which includes Fire, Earth, Wind, Water and Lightning. Each of these is a physical form of matter that can be distorted through the sheer force of reiryoku. In order to create something through the use of Elemental alchemy, you need an equal amount of something to transmute.

Ex.- In order to transmutate a Fountain of Rock, one needs the basic component of Rock, or to make Ice one must transmutate Water and Ice into one another freezing the Water and giving control to the Alchemist.

Healing- The use of Alchemy through healing is an incredible feat as one must be knowledgable of the entire human body and be able to give something to heal skin, internal organs, external organs etc. When using Alchemy to heal, precise reiryoku control is needed.

Ex.- In order to heal a cut, skin cells are needed to mend to damaged layer; In order to mend a headache the decomposition of herbs "could" be blended together in order to create a serene and calming aroma.

Forbbiden Alchemy- In the history of Alchemy, the forbbiden was attempted and failed. In history the attempt to transmutate gold was sought after and due to the emotions that humans created because of this attempt, it was deemed forbbiden. Humans are naturally greedy, lustful, gluttonous, etc and strive for power. The transmutation of multiple minerals creates gold but since the idea of getting rich from such a prestigous skill is looked down upon. The greatest forbbiden alchemic art is the decomposition of one life to create another life. Those who have attempted this unknowingly started the process towards Hollowfication as their Soul is ripped and left empty, creating a Hollow hole.

Ex.- If one were to take a pure and innocent human being and take their life to bring back a long time friend who died, their soul will be taken with this dark attempt and cause the ripping of a Hollow hole. This begins a dark attempt of Hollowfication that is far more painful than going through the regular Hollowfication process.


  • This Bleach incarnation of Alchemy was heavily based on the Full Metal Alchemest form of Alchemy. This includes Recomposition and Decomposition, Human Transmutation and Healing through Alchemy.
  • Umi Honojiroi is one of the few to be skilled in all forms of Alchemy as well as the youngest Alchemst to be a master in this art.

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