Amare Signora (literally Love Woman) is a female who resides in Specchio Mondo. She has dark brown hair that goes down to her upper back and has crystal blue eyes. She is about 130 years old. She is part of the Specchio Mondo Correctional Institution. She enjoy's toying with men to get what she want's and is not above torture.


Her Zanpakuto is called "Oroarpa" (literally Gold Harp). It is sealed as a small dagger with a gold colored handle. The release phrase is "Pezzo" (literally Play!").

Shikai- In Shikai, Oroarpa becomes a hand held gold harp that has 8 strings. Each one has a different note and when played together in certain tune's there is a song. Different songs do different things.

Shikai Abilities- In Shikai, Oroarpa can play different songs for different abilities.

Song 1- The user will be covered in a green aura that will block long range attacks such as blasts or beams.

(There is only one known song)

Bankai- Not yet revealed or achieved.

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