Ameagari Nakigoe (After the Rain Crys) is a young Shinigami with extreme power. She was lieutenant of the first Division but is no longer of any rank. She works directly under the Spirit Priestess

Ameagari Nakigoe
Age 1246
Height 5'4"
Weight 109 lbs.
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13
Team Unknown
Occupation Assistant, Bodyguard
Previous Occupation(s) Lieutenant

Deceased Family, S.P. (Adopted Guardian)


Ameagari is a tall young woman with long blonde hair. She has two blue eyes and wears a Captains uniform. This consists of a black hakama and hyori with a white kimono over it. She wears a thin necklace with beads on it. She wears a white obi with a purple trim.


Quit and Calm, Ameagari rarely speaks. She is a stern and very profound. She is also quite smart and talented with her Zanpakuto. She has a deep love for her guardian and sensei, the S.P.. She rarely shows anger, but only when someone denies her skills and threatens her friends.


Kido Practioner- She is quite skilled with Kido and constantly channels it through her Zanpakuto. She can use up to level 60 without the need of Incantations.

Shunpo Expert- Ameagari is quite skilled with Shunpo and moves with grace and stamina. She applys it directly with her Swordsmanship.

Enhanced Senses- She has an acute ability to sense any Reiatsu in the area and distinguis there powers on the post. This lets her know what her enemies can do, before hand.

Emergy Premutation/Manipulation/Draining- Along with her wierd ability to sense others Reiatsu, she can drain and manipulate others Reiatsu through a touch. She can also manipulate it to weaken things like Kido and attacks.


Ameagari's Zanpakuto is called Haruichiban (lit. First Storm of Spring). It is sealed as an Ōdachi with a light blue oval shaped guard with a blue handle. The handle is connected to a blue ribbon that moves gently in the wind.. The release phrase is Keiyaku (lit. Whip About).

Shikai- In Shikai Haruichiban becomes a Katana with a guard that covers the entire handle/hand and another ribbon connected to it. The blade is longer and has an omnious blue glow. The wielders eyes, in this case Ameagari, turn a light green and her hair tints as well. The ribbon in her hair comes of in Shikai aswell.

Shikai Abilities

Atemikuro (lit. Blowing Cloud)- Ameagari will swipe Haruichiban and blow. This will create a reiatsu charged wind blast that will cut into the opponent. It can be shot into the sky to create clouds.

Sansai (lit. Flood and Storm)- Ameagari will stab the ground creating a blast of water to shoot out. She will then swipe into the sky creating a tornado shaped blast to strike the target. When impact is made the water and wind will whip, pull, and toss the target around.

Other abilities unknown.

Bankai- Bankai not yet revealed/Not yet achieved


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