Andreas Dé Astro


Andreas has brown-blond hair, green eyes and a white skin. He wears a sleeveless uniform and has a long white scarf. Andreas has his mask piece on one side of his face. He wears his sword on his side.


Andreas is an active fellow with a charming aura over him. He can enjoy a good fight once in a while, and battles his opponents with respect. Andreas' aspect of death is nihilism.


Driès De Astro is his younger brother and Demyx Shime is his fraccion.

powers and abilleties

good swordman : He can draw his sword the fastest of all espada.

sonido : He is good in this.

cero and bala :He is able to do this but he isn't that good in bala. The cero is good but verry slow.

shockwave : Andreas can emmit spirit energy to deflect physical attacks.

== zanpakto ==
Lagarto infierno

name : Lagarto Infierno (hell lizard)

release command : glare

appearance : See picture

powers : Out of his right hand he can shoot purple smoke wich has the power to destroy the cells at verry high speed. The same effect takes place when cut by Andreas' tail.

attacks :

- infierno nube (hells smoke) = Andreas shoots purple smoke out of the relic at his right hand.

- infiero barra (hells slash) = Andreas collects spirit energy at his tail and whips it at the opponents.

-dique de cometa (barrage og commets) = Andreas lanches a baragge of tail whips kicks and punshes to the opponents.

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