Ao Seiretsu (lit. Blue Array) is the Lieutenant of thr 1st Division under Ikusen Tenushi.

Ao Seiretsu
1st lieutenant
Seiretsu Ao
Age 1000+
Height 5'5"
Weight 129 pounds
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Partners Unknown
Affiliation Gotei 13
Team 1st Division
Occupation Lieutenant, Head of Shinigami Men's Accossiation
Previous Occupation(s) Seated Officer



Ao has long blue hair worn in a tradional japanese manner. He wears a black hakama and hyori with a white cloak over it. The sleeves of the hyori and cloak are ripped. He has slight stubbled on his chin and carries a small brown gourd on his waist. (Note: This gourd if from his favorite real world Manga about a boy ninja fulfilling his dreams... sound familiar)


Ao is a strong headed and great leader. He always keeps cool and looks down on those who abandon a fight. He is said to have the spirit of a Lion and will fight until he can no longer move. He does however have a softside for children and loves giving the 2nd Division Captain, Koumori Hinpatsu candy.


Master Swordsman- His top skill is sword fighting and can easily dispatch a high powered Hollow with ease. He seems to be fluent in multiple battle styles.

Hakuda Expert- Ao is skilled with hand to hand combat and can fight with other Lieutenants on a higher level.

Shunpo Expert- He is skilled at using Shunpo and can move at speeds that rival top Shunpo users in the 2nd Division.


Ao's Zanpakuto is called Shiro-Shishi (lit. White Lion). It is sealed as a slightly longer than average katana with a purple handle and diamond markings. The gaurd is shaped like a circle and has two small holes in them. The release phrase is Unari (lit. Roar).

Shikai- In Shikai, Shiro-Shishi becomes a broadsword with no guard and a cylindar handle. It is best used in combat and offensive striking. There are no known abilities for Shiro-Shishi as it is simply a combat Zanpakuto.

Bankai- Not yet achieved/Not yet revealed


  • Ao has a liking to the character Gaara from Naruto and even carries a small little gourd keychain on his belt.

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