Apollion Eldestructor is the 10th espada.


Apollion is giant and obese. His mask still covers his lower jaw and forehead. His number is tatooed on his belly, with the hole (The largest of the espada) right above it.


Apollion is highly boastful and gluttonous. He is perhaps the only arrancar who still retains a taste for souls. Although the other arrancar mock him for this, he retorts that the reason why he's more powerful than any of them is because he still absorbs reiatsu.

Powers and Abilities

Apollion is one of the strongest of the espada. He prefers to fight with his hands instead of his sword, with a sumo wrestling-styled form of combat. He emits his instant 'Nuclear Cero' by seemingly burping. Should his opponents even survive this attack, they'll still be infected by the deadly radiation.

When releasing his Zanpakuto, Apollion utters "Pollute, Pollucion Gigante!". He becomes a giant, with armour formed around his arms.

In this form, Apollion has the power of 'Glotoneria' ('Gluttony'). He is actually able to eat spiritual energy and become stronger from it, whatever form the spiritual energy is in, even in stone. This ability also enables him to tell how powerful the spiritual energy is just by licking it, or even smelling it if it is so powerful.

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