aria ukitake


Aria doesn't wear a normal shinigami uniform because her's has no top, so she puts on bandages. She wears a piece of cloth around her waist. Dhe has black hair witch she wears in a pony tail and she has blue eyes.



Aria has always a big smile and is always happy and a little childish. But in the heat of battle she can be very serious.


comming soon


It is unknown when she will appear in one of the story arcs.

powers and abilities

good swordsman:She is good with the sword.

flash step user: She can use shunpo.

kido practitioner:She is verry good in bakudo (binding spells) her favorite spell is bakudo#13 cristal cage.


name:gufuu no yami (twister of darkness)

release command:apiraku (open)

type:motion (you do a special move and after that the sword goes back to its origina not released state.

not released state: It is longer then an normal zanpakto,it has an purple hilt and its guard is round.

shikai:Like i said earlier it is an motion type zanpakto so when Aria is releasing her zanpakto she makes a circle in front of her with her sword. When the circle is fininshed it lightens up and within the circle a dark hole will appear.

abilitie:The dark hole will start pulling the enemy or his attacks in.

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