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Ashiki (New)

Name Ashiki
Translation Way to Dawn
User Kai
Bankai Name Kagirinai Ashiki
Bankai Translation Eternal Way to Dawn

Ashiki is the light and dark Zanpakutō of Kai.


Kai gained his Zanpakuto during training when asked what road he would follow: the road to light, or the road to darkness. He stated that neither suited him and that he'd follow the middle road, which he called the road to dawn.


Ashiki has a custom hilt that is gold and silver. The guard is composed of one angelic wing and one demonic wing. A dark crystal is seen on the hilt.


Kanshiki (Judgement) - When used Kai simply points Ashiki at a target. Then, without warning, a beam with large amounts of light energy falls from the sky. Kai can send down multiple beams at once if he puts enough energy into it.

Kuroimunashii (Shadow Void) - When Kai stabs a person a void of darkness consumes the person, compresses, and then explodes.

Chiyugyouten (Healing Dawn) - A healing technique that uses both light and darkness. Kai must simply say the words and light and darkness swirl out from the blade and with Kai's direction it heals the wounds of Kai or anyone else injured. Note that the more serious the wound, the more energy is needed to heal it.



The release command is, "Reveal the Road to Dawn." When released Ashiki's appearance doesn't change at all, it simply allows Kai to use Ashiki's abilities.


The only information on Kai's Bankai is it's name: Kagirinai Ashiki at this time though it is obviously very powerful.

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