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Asumu Godai
Asumu godai quincy by zanpakuto leader-d51vo03
"The Moon"
Race Human (Quincy)
Age 31
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 165 lbs
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Legion
Previous Affiliation Wandenreich
Profession Leader of Legion
Previous Profession None
Partner None
Epithet "M - The Moon"
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Masane Godai (Wife, deceased), Chiho Godai (Daughter, deceased) Seireitou Kawahiru (Father), Bambietta Basterbine (Half-Sister)
Education Quincy teachings, Micythos
Quincy Powers
Signature Skill Moon-Enduced Empowerment, Werewolf Transformation
Spirit Weapon Gram
First Appearance
Roleplay Debut None
Series Debut None
English Liam O' Brien
Japanese Daisuke Ono

Asumu Godai (五大 あすム, Tomorrow's Nothing of the Five Elements) is a Gemischt Quincy, and was one of the original followers of Yhwach during the latter's rise from the Schatten and the eventual second war with the Shinigami. He is the son of Seireitou Kawahiru.



Asumu's full appearance.

Asumu is a well-mannered, and yet very straightforward individual who is known for his blunt and sometimes brutally honest attitude. He is typically quiet and stoic, rarely showing emotion when it is not needed. His focused nature has gained him both respect and distrust from those he has met. He rarely pays any heed to affairs that do not immediately involve him, and usually requires a great deal of convincing to do otherwise. Because of this, he has very few (if any) friends and is considered unreliable outside of the line of duty. His reasoning for this is that he believes a focused and clear mind are the keys to success and a positive existence, and is willing to be anti-social in order to keep this doctrine. Even with this outlook, however, Asumu does not needlessly throw away the lives of his comrades in battle, and will generally try to aid them in any way he deems necessary.

His perspective on the Quincy race as a whole is ambivalent at best. While he is loyal to Yhwach and his cause, Asumu questions the methods of the Wandenreich, finding their blatant disregard for strategy and honor on the battlefield deplorable, while still holding their overall goal in high regard. He tries to employ a clear and focused strategy when in combat, keeping true to his character and often tries to learn as much about his opponent before a battle as possible. Should a plan fall through, however, he tries to work with what he has as best as he can. He is also honorable to a degree, preferring to face his opponents head on and avoiding using underhanded tactics against them. Asumu also prefers not to use his Medallion until after his opponent has been slain, taking their Bankai primarily as a trophy, rather than a tool.

It is because of these traits (as well as his own history) that Asumu despises his personal ability The Moon, which allows him to transform into a werewolf-like creature when exposed to moonlight. While he does typically rely on strength and power when in battle, he does so in a refined and strategic manner; his werewolf form on the other hand embodies wanton destruction. He rarely goes outside at night unless he absolutely must and often keeps all of his curtains closed so that he will not see the moon. If his opponent is too strong for him and he has no other option, Asumu will resort to exposing himself to moonlight if it is possible, but will otherwise avoid the ability at all costs.


Asumukid by everlastingdarkness5-d6txvf1

Asumu as child

Asumu is the son of Seireitou Kawahiru, though the exact conditions of his birth are unknown. His mother abandoned him at an orphanage during his infancy, where he was adopted shortly afterwords by a man named Masao Godai, a Quincy. Masao recognized Asumu's Spiritual Pressure as divine in nature, and decided to mold him into a Quincy to prevent him from falling into the wrong hands. Masao's family was one of the few Noble Quincy houses, similar to the Ishida's, and were also among the last "pure" Quincy. Growing up, Asumu was ostracized by many of his new family members due to being a "Gemischt" Quincy, and he found little in the way of companionship. Even Masao, the one who had taken him in to begin with, seemed to want little to do with Asumu outside of his training. Because of this, Asumu was left to his own devices constantly, and gave way to his current desire to stay out other people's affairs.



Quincy Cross: Like all other Quincy, Asumu carries a Quincy Cross on his person at all times which he uses to manifest his Spirit Weapon.

Medallions: Asumu carries two Medallions; one in his cloak pocket, and another strapped to his right glove.

Powers and Abilities

Immense Spiritual Pressure: Asumu boasts a great deal of Spiritual Pressure, enough to rival that of the Sternritter. Releasing his Spiritual Pressure can cause intense vibrations in his surrounding areas and is noted for being exceptionally cold in nature. His Spiritual Energy is blue in coloration.

Naturally High Intellect:

Great Strength:

Immense Speed:

Master Marksman:

Quincy Abilities

  • Ransōtengai (乱装天傀, "Heavenly Wild Puppet Suit"): By creating Reishi chords above him, Asumu is able to suspend himself and control his body if he were ever paralyzed or if certain parts of his body were broken. He is also capable of using this technique to control the body of his opponent when they themselves are immobile.
  • Hirenkyaku (飛廉脚, "Flying Screen Step/God Step"):
  • Kasaneawase Hirenkyaku (重ね合わせ飛廉脚, "Superposition of the Flying Screen Step/God Step"):
  • Kirchenlied Spellcraft:
  • Kirchenlied: Sankt Zwinger (聖唱: 聖域礼賛 (キルヒエンリート: ザンクト・ツヴィンガー), Kiruhienrīto: Zankuto Tsuvingā; German for "Church Hymn: Saint Ward", Japanese for "Holy Chant: Sanctuary Veneration"):
  • Zerfall (崩壊 (ゼーパル), zeparu, Japanese and German for "Decay"): By aiming his sword at his opponent, Asumu can fire a black arrow of Reishi that, upon making contact with any surface, will begin to decompose it and break it down into Reishi. This applies to both living and non-living objects.
  • Sprenger (破芒陣 (シュプレンガ), Shupurenga; German for "Explosion", Japanese for "Ripping Grass Formation"): Asumu can cast Sprenger without the use of Gintou tubes or Seele Schneiders. By simply gathering enough Reishi, Asumu can etch the symbol for Sprenger into the ground and then force the explosion to appear wherever he wishes within a reasonable distance.
  • Blut (血装 (ブルート), Burūto; German for "Blood", Japanese for "Blood Guise"):
  • Blut Vene (静血装 (ブルート・ヴェーネ), Burūto Vēne; German for "Blood Vein", Japanese for "Stilled Blood Guise"):
  • Blut Arterie (動血装 (ブルート・アルテリエ), Burūto Aruterie; German for "Blood Artery", Japanese for "Moving Blood Guise"):



Asumu's full powered Werewolf form

"The Moon" (月光 (太陰), Gekkou (Su Runa); Japanese for "Moonlight"): Asumu is capable of drawing power from the moon when it is visible, be it in the day or night. His strength, speed, defense, and overall Quincy abilities become heightened to the point to where he can match even Bankai-enabled opponents in battle. Asumu also becomes more wolf-like when exposed to the moon, growing fur on his arms, legs, and ears. After a few minutes, Asumu grows nearly five feet higher than he previously was and becomes a full blown white Werewolf.
  • Blut Einklang (血装協調 (ブルートきょうちょう), Burūto Kyouchou; German for "Blood Harmony", Japanese for Harmonized Blood Guise"): Asumu's Werewolf form is capable of utilizing a combined form of both "Blut Vene" and "Blut Arterie", due to the increase in power the ability grants him. Asumu's offensive and defensive capabilities are both extremely high in this state.
  • Enhanced Heilig Pfeil: When in his Werewolf state, Asumu's Heilig Pfeil become much stronger. Rather than fire them from his Spirit Weapon, he instead forms his arrows with his hands and throws them like javelins. These arrows are capable of pinning a Captain level opponent to a wall,
  • Enhanced Heiliges Feuer: Asumu can discharge large torrents of blue flame from his mouth while in Werewolf form. His Blut lines glow brightly as he releases the flames, indicating that they are possibly powered by his own blood. These flames can cover a massive radius, making avoiding them very difficult.

Spirit Weapon


Judgment, Asumu's Spirit Weapon

Judgment (判定, Hankei): 
  • Heilig Pfeil (神聖滅矢 (ハイリッヒ・ブファイル), Hairihhi Bufairu; German for "Holy Arrow", Japanese for "Destroying Arrow of Sanctity"): 
  • Heiliges Feuer (神聖滅火の手 (ホーリーファイア), Hairihhi Faia; German for "Holy Fire", Japanese for "Sacred Destruction Flames"): 

Quincy: Vollständig


Sauriel, Asumu's Vollständig

Sauriel (ソーリエル, Soorieru; Japanese for "Moon of God"): Asumu's Vollständig can only be activated when he has reached the peak of his power in his base Werewolf form, where he is consumed in a massive pillar of deep blue Spiritual Energy. When the energy dissipates, Asumu has grown significantly in size; being roughly the same size as a large house. He now resembles a full-blown wolf with two large wings on his back. He has a deep blue mane that starts from the back of his neck and extends fully down to his tail, and has similar tuffs of blue fur on all four of his ankles. His body is also dotted with several glowing blue lines of Reishi.


  • Asumu's theme, according to the author, is "Best of You " by Foo Fighters.

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