Aurora Wright
Age 400+ years (exact year unknown)
Birthdate September 9
Height 177cm
Weight 60kg
Gender Female
Species Arrancar
Affiliation The Arrancar Five
Team Lucia's Fracción
Occupation Fracción member

Aurora Wright (アロラ・ライツト; Arora Raitto) was a female arrancar who served as a member of Lucia's fracción. The other member of the same fracción was Eduardo Kahn. Her arrancar mask covers her left jaw while her hollow hole can be located just above her bosom. Little about her past is known.

Personality and Traits

Aurora has an odd liking to high elevations, with the wind brushing against her face. It would not be unusual for her to take a moment after exiting a gargantua to take in the scene (especially her current height above the ground). She revels in the phobias of others, often laughing at his or her misfortune. Sexual references are the main thing that ticks Aurora off, for personal, unexplained reasons.

Powers and Abilities

None are known at the moment, though it is assumed that Aurora knows Cero and Sonido.


It is sheathed in the wakizashi fashion on Aurora's back. Its name is Halcón (ホルコン; Horukon; lit. Falcon in Spanish), though it is unclear whether Aurora is even capable of releasing Resurrección.

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