Ayame (菖蒲, Iris) is a young Soul with the ability to materialize Zanpakutou spirits. She is currently contained within the Maggot's Nest.


Young in stature, Ayame has long white hair and piercing violet colored eyes. Ayame wears a cut metal dress with a steel belt, resembling a chastity belt. She wears boots composed of several rings and two square wrist plates. On her head is a crown-like piece, that points upward. This outfit repels any reiatsu she tries to expel.


Ayame is quite childish, often pouting or throwing a tantrum when not getting her way. She acts quite proud of her abilities and often orders other prisoners around. She has shown to be quite respected as well, giving orders to fellow cellmates and even having a relationship with multiple guards.


  • Zanpakuto Spirit Materailzation- A power that lies within Ayame'e eyes that allows her to sperate the spirit from Zanpakuto. She has shown to create mental links with them and even control them. She has shown to be sealed off with this ability within the walls of the Maggot's Nest when wearing the special armor she was given.
  • Enhanced Strength- Despite her small size, she is incredibly strong. She has shown to smash a wall of the housing facility within the Maggot's Nest with the back of her hand and even take out multiple larger prisoners. It is stated that her strength lies within her Reiatsu.


  • Oi! Oni-san the prisoners want more bread-- Calling a guard of the Maggot's Nest.
  • Aniki! Give me a piggy back ride -- Talking to a larger prisoner, who she often rides on.

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