Age Unknown, appears quite young at beginning of arc
Birthdate February 14th
Gender Male
Species Unknown, possibly Shinigami or Vizard.
Partners None
Affiliation The Titans


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Bane is the leader of The Titans and the main antagonist of Bleach: Te Watashimasu. He first appeared in Hueco Mundo as a small child. His species is unknown, but he might possibly be a Vizard or Shinigami.


Not much is known about Bane's appearance, as he has only appeared once as a child.


Bane is cold and unforgiving, ruthlessly killing two Hollow when they try and guard the entrance to the Vasto Lorde home.


Not much is known about Bane's history.


Story 1: Successors Arc

Bane first appeared as a child in Hueco Mundo trying to gain access to the Vasto Lorde's home. He's stopped by Dryskull B and Dryskull C, who try to kill him. He produces thorns seemingly out of nowhere which impales Dryskull C. Dryskull B is scared by this, and asks Bane what he is. He replies with: "no need for you to know. Or warn the Vasto Lorde about me. Die." at that moment, he impales Dryskull B the same way he had moments before to Dryskull C.

Powers and Abilities

Bane has shown very few abilities so far, and the ones he has shown could have been traps and research.

Thorn creation: Bane was able to create thorns to kill two Hollow with, which fell onto them. It's unknown if this is an ability or a trap he had set.

Name reading: It seems he's able to read the name of any Hollow he encounters, as shown when he encounters Dryskull B and Dryskull C. This could have been research on his part.


  • Bane is the main antagonist of Bleach: Te Watashimasu, even though he has only appeared once so far.

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