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Bara Kira
Bara Kira
Age 4,385
Height 5'10
Weight Slim
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Tombstoners
Occupation Leader


Bara Kira was the former leader of the Assassination branch of the Syndicate and the current leader of the "Tombstoners".


He has spiky, shoulder length white hair and blue eyes and usually wears glasses. He wears a white business suit with a black tie and white dress shoes most of the time.


He is quiet and calm most of the time, usually only speaking when needed or to keep his subordinates in line. In battle he usually doesnt speak unless asked a question or is asking one himself.


He was once the leader of the Assassination branch with Strider being the Co-Leader, but both were accused of treachery and kicked out. Soon after they located a bunch of outcasts and banded together to form the "Tombstoners", a mercenary group for hire.


He first appears in Chapter 9 of Bleach: Forgotten Evils, The Deathmatch, alongside Strider at the opening of one of the Syndicate's entrances. He and Strider argue about the proper way to handle a contract, or as Strider prefers to call it a "job". They dispatch the guards easily and bypass the defenses. Once they are surrounded by reinforcements, they call in their troops to wipe them out. Thus beginning the siege of the Syndicate.


Helblade- His Zanpakuto, known as Helblade, takes the form of a small but extremely sharp dagger. He can cut through armor in mere seconds with his speed added to the blades extreme sharpness.

Shikai- It's release command is "Rain fire!", which transforms it into a large blade, similar in size to Zangetsu's Shikai form. Although his has a red, demonic looking handle. In this mode he can move at an even quicker speed, making it nearly impossible to see him entirely (he appears as a small, white dot) and definately difficult to strike.

Bankai- It's release command is "Howl!", which makes it a collosal-sized Zanpakuto, outweighing Bara by a large amount. The blade takes the shape of a giant curve, which eminates a foggy orange reiatsu. In this mode his speed is unfathamoble, and if not careful, can disrupt the balance of reality itself. He also seems to use it with precise accuracy and dodging his attacks is the best hope to a strategy his opponent can make. To survive one slice from the blade would be a Legendary act.

Kido- He is exceptionally well in the use of Kido, able to blast his way through doors in the Syndicate's HQ.

Accuracy- He almost never misses a swing with his blade, and makes each shot fatal.


"Ah, the Syndicate... I remember when we used to call this place home." (Remeniscing with Strider)

"Just be quiet already."

"Bothersome little pest."

"Im afraid we've run out of time."

"Tombstoners... ASSEMBLE!"

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