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The Bara Murasaki (Literally "Violet Rose") is an extremely organized and elite syndicate composed of 101 members at all times. It is divided into three branches respectively, with a leader of each, all under the service of the primary leader. It is located otuside of the Soul Society through a dimensional gate and can only be accessed through recognization.



Description: The assassination group is in charge of dealing with business on the level of single killings with extreme discretion, so its members are trained to battle with extreme precision and stealth.


  • Former: Unknown

Product and Business

Description: this branch is in charge of drug production and organizationl business, which makes them possibly the most vital group because they are in charge of the most powerful drug in the omniverse, and are udner cosntant attack from rival groups.


  • Former: Unknown

Mercenary Missions

Description: Perhaps the most difficult group to get into ever since Echo's coronation, this group can only be composed of twenty members at once, not including Echo. They are reserved for missions involving capture and genocide, using tactician and strategy to raid.


  • Former: Meian Touzoku

Lord Bara

Description: The high lord Bara is the undesputed leader of the syndicate and is a figurehead with supreme overall say. He is in charge of sueprvising initiation ceremonies, though he lets his oligarchy decide their own initiation rituals.

  • Former: None


It is impossible to enter the alternate dimension that the organization is located in because a group of octuplets each contain spiritual seals, and are scattered across the Soul Society. The eighth stands at the gate and only letsin those he recognizes, and shape shifting is usleless because you must have the identical spriritual pressure you did the day before.

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