Bianco Cavallo (lit. White Horse) is the Septima (7th) Follower of the Kuǎnjìngjiè.

Bianco Cavallo
Age Unknown
Height 5'8"
Weight 154 pounds
Gender Male
Species Draziv
Partners The Other Followers
Affiliation Zhuīsuízhě
Team Zhuīsuízhě
Occupation Septima Zhuīsuízhě
Previous Occupation(s) Vizard, Seated Officer of 5th Division



Bianco wears a white hakama and hyori with a large black rope belt. He has a cresent shaped mask that covers half of his face. He has combed black hair and teal eyes. He sometimes wears black fingerless gloves and carries his Perdutospada at his waist.


Quiet and loyal, Bianco is a cold but powerful Draziv. His personality rivals that of Ulquirra Schiffer, but to a larger extent. He hates life and wants nothing but to die serving the Yuèdàshī.


As a Shinigami, Bianco was named Fukamaru Kanadzuchi (lit. Hammerhead Shark). He was a seated officer of the 5th Division under Shinji Hirako and Sosuke Aizen. Unknown to many, he was subjected to Hollowfication before Shinji and the others and fled to the real world. He encountered his Inner Hollow and lost, evolving into a Draziv. The Inner Hollow killed his Zanpakuto's Spirit and invaded his mind turning Fukamaru into Bianco Cavallo. He rose up in ranks with the Draziv and is know the Septima Zhuīsuízhě.


Swordsmanship Expert- Bianco is quite skilled at fighting with his Zanpakuto and can efficiently use it in battle. He wields it with his right hand.

Hand to Hand Combat Expert- Skilled in the art of Hand to Hand, Bianco's top skill is hand to hand fighting. This ability stems from his Shinigami days.


Bianco's Perdutospada is called Grande Tagilo (lit. Great Blade) and is sealed as a Katzbalger. The guard is colored a marigold and is shaped as an S. There is no sheath and the handle is covered in a tiger fur grip. The release phrase is Accesi Sù (lit. Light Up).

Primopasso- In its first state, Grande Tagilo becomes a Cutlass with a metal chain hanging from the butt. The blade emits a blue reiatsu and is wielded with one hand. It can also redirect Kido and Cero to a certain degree.

Primopasso Abilities

Turchino Palla (lit. Blue Orb)- The caster will surrond the target in a orb of blue energy that will drain reiatsu.

Orco Energia Schiacciare Abbasso (lit. Great Energy Smash Down)- Bianco will slice down creating a powerful blue blast that will cut into the target.

Secondopasso- In its second state, Grande Tagilo looses his sword and gains two giant white pegasus wings. He also gains a white roman shall with gold trimming.

Secondopasso Abilties- Unknown

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