Bleach: Kuroi Sora (ブリーチ - 黒井空, Bleach: Black Skies) follows the story of Shō Ashura, an orphan of Karakura Town. Long after his parents died, he gave himself the name Shō, for his dreams to succeed, and Ashura, to represent his father. His life was soon forever changed as he was attacked one night by a Hollow. Frightened out of his mind, he attempted to out-run the undead beast but to no avail. He was attacked once cornered as he saw a blinding light which knocked him out. He awoke the following morning to see that he was in Karakura Park, and the Hollow was no-where to be seen. Soon after, he meets a Shinigami.

The story now begins.

Arcs for this Series

Part I : The New Shinigami

  • Intro: The New Shinigami - This arc introduces the main characters and goes into depth on what occurred that night.
  • Invasion of the Seireitei - After Asuka is kidnapped by the Captain & the Lieutenant of the 6th Division, Shō Ashura & Kurashi Hikari, as well as Shō's friends Kashurō Kotone and Yumi Tomoko , infiltrate the Seireitei in order to save Asuka.
  • New Beginnings - After the events of the Invasion of the Seireitei arc, Shō and his friends deal with a newer threat - the invasion of Bounts.

Part II: Gods of Noches Esfera

  • Invasion of the Arrancar - 1 year after the invasion of Bounts, Shō and his friends deat with a newer threat - the Reborn Arrancar.
  • The Gods of Noches Esfera - After the Arrancar are all dead, the true leaders of the Cinco Cuerpos are revealed. Can Shō stop this new threat?

Part III: Muramasa's Invasion

Part IV: Return

  • Return - After Shō returns from his 3 1/2 year training, he returns to a completely different world then he imagined. Things get worse when a entirely new breed of creatures rise from Hueco Mundo.

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