500 years have passed since Ichigo has killed ever single Arrancar, except for Grimmjow. Grimmjow, actually has agreed to becoming a Shinigami. He had to go through an outrageous surgery to get rid of the hollow inside off Grimmjow. It was more like he turned from an Arrancar into an Entire hollow, and Mayuri had to fight him off. Inthe process, Mayuri was killed. Ichigo had to step in. Using shunpo, he can us behind him and tore off his hallow mask. Now Grimmjows name is Drisokaiiee Hamate. He is also the assistant Captain of the 10th division. Until the Vizards go mad with power. Not only do they now have an army of fully trained hollow controllers, they have obtained a key element, Marthium. THe element that allows souls to fuse into one and other. Not only that but when two Vizards use it and they are both in a hollow form there power centuples (x100).


Akutabi Ukitake
Drisokaiiee Hamate
Ichigo Kurosaki

None yet.

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