This series is owned and admined by LaviBookman. He makes the final decisions in regards to the development of the story, characters, techniques, and other related content. If you have any comments or critique, or if you wish to submit a character to help fill up the roster, utilize the talk page to contact Lavi.

"We are not shinigami: they disown us and aim to destroy us. We are not hollows: our hearts remain pure from taint. We are not humans: as we are not of the Earth. We belong nowhere; we are nobody."
— The Kenrei



It has been four years since the kenrei escaped to the human world, fleeing from their termination at the hands of the Gotei 13 and their spiritual agents. Taking up residence in Karakura Town, the kenrei hid and operated on their own, despite following their original "template", Kenji Fujibayashi, to the human world. Although the kenrei were successful in eluding the Gotei 13 thus far, the soldiers of the Seireitei are bent on completely destroying them, to prevent secrets from being leaked to the hollows.

The kenrei were not without their problems, as the Hollows began to take notice of them, due to the similarity in the releasing of their respective zanpakutō. In the midst of a battle of tug-of-war, one aims to find some peace between the kenrei and shinigami, as the forces of Hueco Mundo move in, their own agenda hidden beneath their bony masks.  



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Under consideration

Character submitted by members but not yet added to the story are placed under consideration here

Behind the scenes

A number of characters by Lavi that do not fit in the timeline are planned to have some sort of cameo. No cameos have been confirmed, as of now, though Michiko Ito has been named as a possibility. Kenrei characters that were not created by Lavi, namely Zurui Kusemono and Bouseki Onikisu, are questioned as to whether they would be portrayed in the story or not, as permission has not been granted, nor were the characters even completed at the time of the writing of the story.

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