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Bleach Nagareboshi (순수 슈팅 스타, lit. Bleach Shooting Star) is a collection of tales told by Suneku, after the events of Bleach Otrosendero - Yūyake no Sōzōshin. The stories vary from the life of each member after the events of the Sougishiki Skirmish, to events in the past when they first joined the Order, to tales taking place involving a group of 2 or 3 members together. These tales are not filler, but are more or less after-stories.


Bleach Nagareboshi Opening 100:00

Bleach Nagareboshi Opening 1

Opening for this Series

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Opening 2

Return to the Past

  • Drunken Rage: Minkai's Story: A somewhat humorous tale of a drunk with little to no importance in the world. Though, ironically, a bar fight sparked his purpose in life.

Tales of a Sensei

Zanpakutō Escapement

  • Volume 1: The Spirit known as Amakuni

1. Dawn of the Spirits

A mysterious being named Amakuni has arrived, preparing to release the spirits and bring the "reign" of the Shinigami down in ruin.

2. Introductions: Homura Dama and Raiden

As the spirits escape, the Shinigami give chase. How will this battle turn out?!

3. Meetings and Revelations: A Spy within Enemy Lines

  • Volume 2: Suneku's Counterattack!

4. Where do I Belong? Haizo vs Saitatsu

As Seireitou gives chase for the Spirits, he meets with a familiar face!

5. To Cut the Sun: Seireitou vs Jiǔjīnsèmáo Zìyóushǒunǎo

Leaving Haizo to battle Saitatsu, Seireitou meets with his own spirit as well. What will result from this battle between these two?!

6. Cherry Blossoms Bloom Once More: Xījíshēngxùnwúdàliándāo Nǎliwǒpòhuài vs. Sayuri Sakura

When Sakura finally meets Amakuni, she proceeds to release her zanpakuto. Sakura meets with her own spirit as well. How will this turn out!?

Stories of the Order

Shinkūmyō Uprising

Main article: Bleach Nagareboshi - Shinkūmyō Uprising

Arcs - Part II

Seige of Soul Society

Main article: Bleach Nagareboshi - Shiroyasha Kōtan

Hōiten'un Shirokami

Bleach Nagareboshi - Hōiten'un Kurokami (包囲ホワイト神の運命の, Bleach Shooting Star - Siege of the White God's Destiny) is the series which follows Kamui and his followers. Kamui, the older brother of Seireitou Kawahiru, walks the path of conquest in hopes of becoming the strongest Shinigami in all of history. Muramasa Amakura Takura, the very man feared by history as the greatest Dark Shinigami, has begun to make a move. Kamui plans to defeat him, and now we follow the path taken by a man who has been all but defeated by the past.

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