As Ryan is racing from the island to the Seireitei, the Squads that went to Hueco Mundo have retreated to regroup and make plans. However, the arrancar will not tolerate this. Several Garugantas open above the Seireitei and the Goeti 13 have assembled to stop the arrancar once and for all. Except now the arrancar have someone else with them, Akujin!!! Luckily for the Gotei, the Espada have also arrived to stop Akujin in the ultimate battle.

Akujin stepped down from his garganta and observed his opponents, twelve captains (Ryan has not arrived yet) and ten arrancar. "How amusing." he said stiffly. With him had come the top four of the Arrancar Five in all their great power. The shinigami stared up at the newly arrived force. Head Captain Amatarou Omaha looked around and nodded at captain Hide Yamatoro and Hide drew her sword and pointed at Akujin, "Sorry bitch, we'll have to take you out later, Bow to the dark heavens!" she shouted as gravity took action around Akujin, making him fall, slamming into the ground. "You guys better hurry, cuz I can't hold this forever." she explained. Zukia Tojiro looked at his opponents and spoke, "So it's finally beginning." From bellow, thousands of spikes ascended trapping all but the First, Second and Fifth division captains and all but the top four Espada. Amatarou looked down, "Akujin..." The grounded Akujin replied with a smirk, "I thought I might level the playing field a bit." he said.

Arranhaku made his way over to Parvulo Rey, "Heh, this will be over in a flash, then Akujin-sama can get what he came for." the evil arrancar said. Rascar leveled himself with Hide, but said nothing. Kakugyō floated to Zukia's location and drew his blade, "I will make your death quick." he mused. Gyoumaru faced both Diabound Kernel and Halcón and gave a threatening glance. The battles were soon to begin....

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