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Summer had ended, as the groups from Reiji Maigo and Soul Society had gathered together to start a day of Human High School. Sei, as well as the Order, waited for the others to finally arrive.

Ryan got into his gigai and followed the others to school. "Damn, it's been 100 years since I was in high school...why do I have to go back?" he fumed. Jessica noticed that Ryan had fallen behind and ran backwards, picked him up, threw him on her shoulders and took off running. Atsuko giggled as Jess ran ahead of them, Ryan bouncing along as she did, a mortified expression on his face. "I knew they were intimate but that's ridiculous..." Shuka commented. "They're a match made in heaven." Atsuko joked, watching Jess and Ryan fade into the distance. Five minutes later they had arrived, Ryan giving off a mortified, glazed look as Jessica let him off of her back.

Sei looked comically, as did the others, all sighing. Pretty soon, as everyone arrived, the schoolbell rung. They all entered the halls of the school. Sei was next to Ryan, looking at his schedule, "Hmm, so I have Feudal Era History and Math... as well as Science and Blaming Obama 101." he stated.

"Isn't blame a strong word, Grayhairs?" chimed an impish voice. Hikaru was standing near Seireitou drinking a bottle of water. He was wearing dark jeans, a shirt that had a cross on it, and a sport coat. He also wore a dogtag necklace with "Alive in Christ" written on it.

Ryan then looked down at his schedule, "AHHHHHH! Too much math!!" he shouted pulling his hair. Jessica smiled, "Don't worry, I'm in all your classes..I'll keep you occupied." she said in a flirtatious tone.

Sei sighed, giving Hikaru a walking by, comic nudge. In the meantime, Shuk'la found Temakaki on top of the roof.

He ran to her and embraced her from behind, "Hi, Tema-chan, how are you?" he asked. He had become more at ease with approaching her since their vacation to the beach two months ago.

Temakaki was checking her phone, and looked behind her, "Oh, hey there Shuk'la. I'm fine, but... shouldn't you be in class?" she mused.

"Nah, class starts in an hour for me. But Sei and Ryan-sama are heading to class right now. I just thought, I'd check on you." he said in a hushed tone sitting down on one of the long benches along the roof's edge.

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