We interrupt this program for breaking news.

Nearly forty-five minutes ago a large unidentified space station crashed into southern Russia, The station is un-aligned to any country and is unknown as to human or alien. Strangely the station seems to have suffered massive damage before crashing, as if it suffered some sort of attack to make it crash.

Several unconscious life forms form the station have already been recovered. Though they appear human some have questioned the placement of humans in such a large mysterious space station. While the human element is unknown almost all the life forms hade one thing in common they all hade some sort of black bird like marking on their chest or back. Wither this indicates some sort of group of alien race is still unknown.

Is this a government test, some sort of world wide conspiracy, or simply out first alien encounter, Stay tuned for our live coverage.

News Update

A new development it seems the life forms have awaken to some extent and are now being held in the Russian military base No.9. Even conscious the life forms can barley talk and any sort of movement seems to cause them excruciating pain. This pain has been linked to the strange black mark on their bodies as any sort of movement causes it to glow and send the pain through them. Doctors say at their rate of pain they wont last more than a few weeks.

We will keep you posted thought this exciting new event.

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