Caídosse (lit. Fallen Ones) is a term used for those who were "infected" during the Mass Hollowfication of the Soul Society. It was first used by Central 46, and spread through the Soul Society. It serves as a somewhat "racist" term against Shinigami-Hollow hybrids and unlike the word "Ryoka" is disliked by those who were infected. The person who seems to have a great dislike for this is Shiraha Manjitomoe and has even attacked a former comrade for using the word.


  • Caídosse is Spanish for Fallen One.
  • The reason it is disliked is that the Shinigami who have fallen from their high prestige. Shiraha dislikes it because out of all those who were infected he was the highest rank. Due to the Hollowfication, he was srtipped of his rank and grew angry with his former superiors.