Cecillia Montez
Cecillia Montez
Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Female
Species Fukkatsu
Affiliation Escudo
Team Escudo
Occupation Unknown
Previous Occupation(s) Escudo Sexta

"They think the world revolves around them and they are not considerate. They are not kind. They are trapped in a cage of narcissism we have built for them."
— Cecillia, after realizing her mistake

"What I tend to see from people is their wanting their children to appreciate the legacy that's being passed. You can either treat life disrespectfully and be self-centered, or you have a true calling or a passion."
— Cecillia, when she was the 6th Escudo

Cecillia Martinez is the Sexta (6th) Fukkatsu in the Escudo, meaning that she is the 6th most powerful member in the group. She was a Shinigami in the past, then when Aizen started his experiment, she was one of those who had been experimented upon, like the rest, she could not control her inner hollow, therefore, taking over her soul. Years later, the Escudo Leader found her and transformed her to a Fukkatsu, and placed her as the Sexta Escudo, but as years past, something or someone opened her eyes and showed her, her mistakes, so she dropped her position as an Escudo and went away.

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