The Cervello are 7 Celestial Beings, which have immortality and extra-ordinary abilities. They are known as the guardian of the elements- fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, and the special elements, light and darkness.

History and Foundation

Eons ago, when the world was still young, the King gathered strong warriors in order to establish peace and equality to all the worlds and dimentions. Seven were chosen as the guardians. They do not mingle with the affairs of other creatures, and it is also known that their race was known to the Soberano, being one of the eldest race.



These Guardians were rarely known, for they lived eons ago. They served as the foundations, they still work and live up to this day for they are immortals.

Fire Guardian

Water Guardian

Sky Guardian

Storm Guardian

Earth Guardian

Light Guardian

Shadow Guardian - Azalor

Powers and Abilities


A Cervello has immortality, which means that he/she can live forever but, another Cervello can kill another one.

Mastery of Elements

A Cervello has the ability to control a specific element, it is very rare for one to control more than one element.

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