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Chapter 4-Blood Across The Face

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I wander across the town at it's night hours. People stare at me, well for multiple reasons, one being that for some reason my zanpakuto is out on my back.

Me-Okami, something the matter?

Okami-Yes, wait what?

Me-Nothing, so what is it?

Okami-It's about that odd array of energy coming from this part of the town. I believe we need to check it out.

Me-Hmmm, yeah.

We walk towards the random outburst of spiritual energy. The burst seems to becoming from a alley on the other side of the street. I walk in and there is a little boy just sitting there. I slowly walk in closer, switching from my gigai, back to my robes. The boy looks up and holds a knife. I know he can't see me, but he seems to fill my presence. There is blood across his face. I switch back to my gigai.

???-Who are you!?! Where did you come from!?!

Me-Oh, I suppose humans don't like that.


Me-Nothing. Who are you?


Me-Mark is it? Why do you have blood across your face?

Mark and I go for a walk down to a river by a bridge. He tells me whats wrong.

Me-So you killed your parents, because they never loved you? Well that's odd.

Mark-Please don't tell.

Me-Yeah, sure.

Mark-That doesn't sound promising.

Me-Don't worry you have my word. My parents just abandoned me. What I would do just to see them so that I can kill them myself. Left out on the streets, cold, hungry, sad, alone. I'd kill them, bring them back and kill them again.


Me-Yep. I lived out on the streets, hungry, being picked on by other kids. But then I met someone. Someone who finally cared. Someone abandoned as well. Someone who knows my pain. And he's been my best friend for 177 years.

Mark-177 years? Your weird. Well, it's getting late. I better head home.

Me-Okay. I'll see you around kid.

Mark-Okay, bye.

I get up walk on. I hear suddenly feel a high level spiritual force way across to the other side of town. It's a bitter cold one. It's Haku.

Okami-Well, these parts are pretty clean.

Me-Indeed. Wait, do you feel tha-

A huge amount of pressure was pressed down on me. I could barely move. I looked up to the sky. A black cloud passed over my head.

Me-What in the hell is that Okami!

Okami-I can't ssssay. Grrr, he's messing with me.

Me-Well what ever it is, it's gonna die. I quickly switch into my robes. And leaped high at the cloud. With out warning, a huge tentacle slams me into a river. I can't move, this is it.


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