Yakamora (2)

Kylar Yakamora

Vizard Kylar

Kylar as a Vizard

Captain Katsudo

Kylar's Captain Kimachi Katsudo

Zabataru (2)
Zabataru Sword

Zabataru in her Spiritual Form

Here's my Bleach OC Kylar Yakamora.I drew her myself on my computer and I always use her as my Bleach character.I also added some background information to go along with her.
 *Kylar is a thirteen year old girl,she weighs 90lbs and her height is 5'4.She has green eyes and long brown hair.Her Zanpakutou is called Zabataru,which means Hell's Feline,when she is in her spiritual form she is a teenage girl the age of fourteen,she wears blue capree pants,a short pink shirt,and a red jacket,she also wears white sneakers.Zabataru has pink cat ears,pink cat tail,purple hair,and red eyes.When Zabataru is in her Bankai form,she is a pink tiger with purple stripes and red eyes.Kylar is brave,courageous,and determined.She likes to goof off with her friends,but most of the time she is quiet and focused.She is not yet a Captain,but she intends to become one.When Kylar is in her Bankai form she has tiger skin on her,the head is on her head,it's arms going down her arms,it's legs going down her back legs,and the tail wrapped around her waist.The tiger skin is Zabataru.Kylar is a Vizard,half Hollow and half Soul Reaper,her mask is yellow with red markings and white teeth.Sometimes Kylar lets her Hollow self take control and fight,and whenever this happens Kylar will destroy anything in her path or anything that ticks her off.Her Captain's name is Kimatchi Katsudo and Kylar always tries to be like him,wise,quiet,quick,and strong.Kylar also wears a black band around her right arm*