Chinatsu Fujiwara (藤原 千夏; Fujiwara Chinatsu) was a descendant of the Fujiwara clan and a Kenrei.

Powers and abilities


Bishamon (毘沙門) was the zanpakuto of Chinatsu, who was also referred to as Tamonmaru (多聞マル).

  • Wakai: Chinatsu's eyes glow a brilliant yellow upon activation, though no other physical change is present.
  • Wakai special ability: Upon activating wakai, Chinatsu has the power to nullify spiritual powers in a radius around her. She could do so selectively, allowing companions to utilize their own abilities while next to Chinatsu, though they have to be in range of her for Chinatsu to exclude them from her power.
  • Shikai: Unknown
  • Bankai: Never achieved

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