Clarear Aletear

Clarear Aletar (literally Light Wave) is a former Espada. He was once the Cuarta Espada, which is the current rank of Ulquirra Schiffer. He has blue hair and grey eyes. He wears a black outfit with a cloak that covers his mouth and hood. He has yet to be shown not wearing the hood and mask. He has the ability to sense any amount of energy in any given area.


Expert Swordsmanship- Clarear is a master swordsman, being ambidextrous. He has great eye sight and able to watch and examine the movements of others than counter them. He has been shown to hold his own against Kenpachi Zaraki for a good 20 minutes before having to retreat.

Expert Hand to Hand Combat- Clarear is skilled in Hand to Hand Fighting. He generally uses Bala when using his hands but when necceasary he fights with his fists. He is able to quickly move his arms in fast jabbing strikes.

Sonido Expert- Like all Arrancar, Clarear is a master of Sonido (the Arrancar equivalent to Shunpo). He has been shown to be able to move so fast that it seems that for a short second he is in multiple places at once.

Cero- Clarear is able to use Cero like other Arrancar. His Cero is a bright red color and is powerful. He does on occasion use the Gemelo Cero (literally Twin Cero).

Hierro- Like all arrancar, Clarear has Hierro. His Hierro harden's his skin to a certain extent. He has said that his Hierro was the strongest of all, but this is unproven.

Enhanced Strength- He has enhanced strength as seen when he deflected a rock slide from hitting Rukongai. The reason he did so is unknown.


His Zanpakuto is called Espira Sierpe (literally Coiled Snake). The blade has a brown handle and a long thin blade. It is sealed as a regular Katana. The command phrase is "Estrangular" (literally Strangle).


His Ressurection, is extrmely powerful. His arms grow and are covered in white armor, giving him hands with sharp fingers. His lower half becomes simialr to a snakes. He also gains a white snake shaped headpiece. In his ressurection he has the ability to fire Cero from the snake Headpiece


In Ressurection, Clarear can release small white snake's from his mouth. They all have extreme doses of poison. He can strech his arms to long distances to do major long range damage.


.Clarear's original name was Cobra Colmillo. The reason for change was that I wanted an opposite name for his outfit.

.He was the Cuarta Espada before Ulquirra.

.He had a friendly relationship with Neliel Tu Odvershank

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