Shadow strolls down the area in Karakura town and walks close by Margins house and feels a immense spiritual energy resymboling a hollow but oddly a Shinigami.

"What the hell.."he mutters as he walks to the door.

Bursts in and looks around for any Shinigamis being Attacked by Hollows."Hello!? anyone here!?"

"Huh? You can't just go around and destroy my door!" said by a man with murderous looking house. "You could have atleast knocked!"

Looks at him "What the...thats impossible theres no way he can have the spiritual energy of a hollow...and yet he also possesses a Shinigamis one also.."Shadow mutters to himself and stands up

"Uh sorry i was looking for a hollow that was attacking a Shinigami here my detection skills must be off cause i coulda sworn you were the hollow and Shinigami combined." Shadow laughs nervously while saying.

"I am." he whispered. He proved what he said by releasing more of his hollow reiatsu. "So your detection skills are not off, don't worry."

Margin then stood up and asked the shinigami to leave.

"i don't think so.. Anything hollow related shall be terminated even if its related to a Shinigami.." as Shadow says this he draws out Atsusa Tsurugi and doesnt even notice the releasing hollow reiatsu

"I take that as a challenge shinigami but I warn you, you should just leave." Margin tightened his fist with his reiatsu overflowing like it always do.

Shadow smirks "bring it hybrid" As he says this the house is engulfed in flames by his purely destructive and uncontrollable Reiatsu and it turns the house to ashes as he stands there in battle stance.

"Now you've done it! This house, YOUR GONNA PAY FOR THIS THING!" Margin became more irritated as the fire faded because of his reiatsu.

Fire remains activate as it clashes with your Reiatsu somehow and keeps the 2 fueled up wanting to kill eachother "I don't care hollow scum you mixed yourself with the tainted soul and now your gonna pay with your life."

"Did you just call me hollow scum?" Margin raised his voice and pointed his finger to Shadow. "I hate hollows more than anything but to be called a hollow, your going to die NOW!"


Margin rushed towards Shadow and prepared to slam him against a wall. "I don't know who you are but you get on my nerves." he said.

Shadow stands there calmly and waits as he pours Spiritual energy onto him while also cloaking it so he doesn't notice "Bring it hollow wannabe." he replied.

A hand appeared before Shadow's eyes. Margin grabbed Shadow's head, raised him about 2 feet in the air, and with full force he slam it on the ground.

"That should shut your pathetic mouth who only knows how to blab." he noted as he glared at him.

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