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Takeshi slowly walked along the roads in the mountains of Riku no Hatsu. He wore his black jacket, and as he wandered, he came upon a portal. He quietly sat down next to it, waiting to see what would come out.

On the other side of the portal, a teenager walked quietly. Assailants were chasing him to the death, and as much as battle suited his mood, he thought better of wasting energy on his pursuers and hid tactically. Deep in a strange forest they stood, stepping carefully through the layers of grass and leaves and listening sharply for an intruder's breath. Echo stepped backwards slowly, turning to leave and coming face first into a portal he knew wasn't previously there...

Takeshi knelt down as he watched the teen come sprawling out of the portal. "So, from the looks of those scars, do you need to go elsewhere, or do you want to stay here?"

Echo scanned the other individual briefly. "Define here."

Takeshi looked at the sky, "I don't know really, somewhere between where you were and heaven. Though there are very few times when a portal admits someone to this land, so what were you doing, being hunted? Fighting a hopeless battle that was about to end with your death?"

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