Keiji's battle in the sky with Vampiro continued to press onward. Both sides relentlessly attacked each other but Keiji suffered the majority of the wounds while Vampiro was only left with a mere scratch. Keiji griped his bleeding chest gasping for air, Vampiro just looked at Keiji with pity.

"Shinigami your fire can't burn me, just because it worked on that low life Espada dosen't mean it will work on me" said Vampiro. With that said Vampiro lunged forward and slashed Keiji before he could react, Keiji plummeted towards the ground. As Keiji fell he looked up in disgust at his opponent and asked himself, "How the hell can I lose to a dog like him? Since when was I ever this weak?!" Before Keiji hit the ground Ren rushed in and saved him, he set him on the ground softly and smiled at his battered captain. "Wow! You really took a beating eh captain?" chuckled Ren, Keiji grabbed Ren by the throat in anger but Ren's smile did not diminish. Ren broke free of Keiji's grip and drew his sword. "Don't worry sensei, I will crush him for ya" said Ren in his usual playful voice.


Vampiro begins his fight with Ren Kuchiki after finishing off his captain Keiji

Vampiro looked down below at Ren, "Does this little punk think he can beat someone like me?". Ren smiled back at Vampiro, "You seem to be pretty strong Vampooro" said Ren. "First of all it's Vampiro you twit, and second you really thin you can surpass me when your captain failed miserably?" asked Vampiro. Ren just shooked his head. Without warning Ren got behind Vampiro using Shunpo and delivered a heavy blow with his sword to Vampiro sending him backwards several feet. Vampiro looked at his gaping wound astounded at what just happened, meanwhile Ren just smiled. "So I guess you just look innocent, very well then", Vampiro put his hand over his bloody wound causing it to heal instantly. Despite the fact that Vampiro just healed himself Ren didn't seem to mind.

Ren chanted Hado #31 Shakkahō (Shot of Red Fire) firing a deadly dense blast of red energy at Vampiro but he managed to block it using a wierd crimson cross shaped shield. "You really think Kido is something my kind would be weak against? I am a Soberano, I am an immortal being therefore I cannot die.... However you can." With that said Vampiro lashed out against Ren with his Crimson Cross Attack severely injuring Ren but he still held his own. Vampiro walked towards the weakened lieutenant, " I'm proud of you kid you managed to survive my attack" said Vampiro as he clapped his hands in a sarcastic manner. "Now the battle can begin" he said as he pointed his sword at Ren.

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