While walking home from school, Ichigo and Orihime run into an eleven year old boy named Jun. After a little discussion, Jun places a magical formula in a small bottle in Ichigo's backpack. Ichigo pours the formula into his dinner and devours it. The next morning, Ichigo, panicked, discovers that he has turned into an anthropomorphic horse. He pulls distractions on anyone to prevent them from seeing his cursed form. Ichigo, in tears, jumps out his opened window and runs off to find Jun. Orihime, who is the only one who knows of Ichigo's transformation, which she finds cute and rides on him, joins him on his journey. They soon find Jun, who lives with his aunt, a fortune teller, in an apartment, and asks for an antidote. Jun promises them with one condition; leaving him and Ichigo in his room alone to do "unspeakable things". Jun gives them the antidote, which Ichigo drinks in the bathroom and comes out as a human. Jun says that even though he is cured, he is given the ability to transform into a horse at will, enhancing his speed and strength. Ichigo sighs due to that. He later on accepts that with giving Orihime horseback rides.

It was Friday afternoon and Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue were walking home from Karakura High School. They were both talking about their plans for Saturday and Sunday. Orihime asked "Ichigo, what are you doing for the weekend?" Ichigo answered "I don't know. Maybe I could come over to your house." Orihime said "That would be nice." They heard footsteps that was heading in the direction that they were in. In front of them was an eleven year old boy.

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