"Umi's wings glowed brightly she was struggling to stand but she looked onward with tears in her eyes at her opponent. She was determined to defeat him"

"You reall are something kiddo, I can crush your body but your spirit is so much stronger than my blade. You truly are an incredible shinigami" said Asesino in a respectful tone. Umi said nothing as Asesino walked towards the female warrior. Umi's wings began to glow a rainbow color, "feel the weight of my love for my captain" she said. Suddenly Umi's wings began to move as if they had a life of their own, the energy from her wings was released in a huge blast covering the area in a rainbow light. The rainbow began to fade and Michio looked on with concern wondering about Umi. Michio though to himself, "Why did she use that move? She knows it could kill her yet she did it anyway". The rainbow finally cleared and Michio looked on to see that Umi's body was on the ground barley breathing.

"She put her all into the attack" said Asesino from above. Michio asked Asesino if he dodged the attack but he said no. "I could not avoid such an attack no matter how skilled I was" he said. "That is Umi's Everlasting Rainbow technique, she uses her very life essence to generate it. Her rage and will protect other is what fuels it" said Michio he then looked over at the sleeping Zukia. Michio pointed towards Zukia, "She loves that man over there with all her heart and she will do anything to protect him". Michio walked over and picked up Umi's cold body, "Your fight with her has ended, your new concern is me" said Michio as he drew his zanpakuto.

In Soul Society Isabella stood over a pile of dead shinigami she had just killed. She continued to scope out the area until suddenly she felt a strong spiritual pressure.

"To what do I owe the pleasure shingami?" she asked the intruders. "You have no right to ask questions" said Tsuyoshi. "Wow, I wasn't expecting a female" said Fujin with suprise. "It will not matter in the end I will crush both of you" said Isabella coldly as she pointed her sword at the two.

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