This article is about the manifested spirit of the Spirit Priestess's Zanpakuto Dìguó Shèngdì. For list of abilities and description go here

Dìguó Shèngdì is the Zanpakuto of the Spirit Priestess. It is a God-like tool crafted from pure reiatsu.

Dìguó Shèngdì
English Translation Empire Shrine
User Spirit Priestess
Shikai Abilities 3 abilities
  • Diēluò
  • Tài Yáng
  • Huò Kān Ménhù
Shikai Dìguó Shèngdì
Shikai meaning Empire Shrine
Bankai Abilities 4 abilities
  • Huò Kān Ménhù (Type 2)
  • Chārù
  • Zuì hòu Yù
  • Cǎo Běn
Bankai Xióngwěi Hòu Dìguó Shèngdì
Bankai meaning Grand Queen of the Empire Shrine


Dìguó Shèngdì resembles a young woman with blonde hair worn up. She wears a white shirt and long white skirt. Over her outfit, she wears a white cloak. She is known to carry a staff with gold ends.


Quite timid, Dìguó Shèngdì, rarely speaks. She can often act out in an attempt to attract men. She never acts with anger and is similar to her wielder.


  • Huò Kān Ménhù- The ability in both Shikai and Bankai, Dìguó Shèngdì, will be able to open up a door from nowhere that will fire as a blast of Natural Energy. The door also works as transport system as well.
  • Master Polearm Expert- She is quite the polearm expert and can easily dispatch enemies with her staff. This may be the reason, she is sealed as a staff.
  • Enhanced Speed- She is extremly fast which is why the Spirit Priestess doesn't need Shunpo.


  • Ever since the latest Arc in Bleach, I decided to create a Spirit for a Zanpakuto.
  • Her name means Empire Shrine

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