The Dark Troops (Meichuutai 暗兵家, Viz Dark Ones, English Soldiers of the Dark) are a mindless creation made by Hakumei that creates powerful battle loving, blood thirty minions at his command. He seems to have an endless supply of them, as long as he supplies reiatsu.

Dark Troops
Height 5'0"
Weight 100 lbs.
Gender Undetermined
Species Unknown
Affiliation Hakumei
Team Dark Troops
Occupation Infantry, Kamikaze's

Hakumei (Creator)


Each individual dark troops is comprised of an all black being with blood red eyes. When created, they wear a black and red armor with small spiked shoulders. The armor is quite strong, but can easily be pierced by a Zanpakuto. It simply can block damage from a long fall.


Technically they lack a personality, but they have been described as sinister beings who kill because they don't know better. The reason they kill is because their creator had a killing intent when they were created. It also seems they enjoy human food, once seen fighting over a burger and milkshake, much to Mangetsu's amuzement.


The Dark Troops have a number of abilities, create soolely by them. Their abilities are all in French as well

Obscurité (lit. Darkness)- Similar to a Bala, Obscurité involves condensing a glowing black aura around their already black skin. They will jump at the target and rapidly pound on them.

Forme Fausse (lit. Fake Form)- They will use really crappy material to form a make shift disguise. It has ranged to a hankerchief and cloak to resemble and old lady to a tall skinny man in a trench coat. They seem to use this to lure a target into a false sense.

Cri strident (lit. Screech)- The Dark Troop will open its hidden mouth and release a high pitched screech that will damage the ears of anyone that hears it. It could go as far as to cause ear bleeding and temporarily hearing loss.


  • They are loosely based off of the Pokemon Sableye

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