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In a Land far, far away. Far away from the events of both Suneku and Kinenbuke, a cave door soon opened. 8 Beings walk in, as a familiar being stands at a large rock formation.

One of the men yawned, "Sydonay-sama, why did you bring us out so early?" he asked, sitting down. The man was none other then Sydonay Senseirei, "Jitae, quit complaining." retorted another man. "Ilyeo, enough." stated Sydonay. Suddenly a masked man walked in, not saying a word, merely taking a seat. Jitae looked over, "Who the ****..." he began. Ilyeo sighed, "Hansu, warn us before having a new member join." he muttered. The man identified as Hansu gave a comic stare, "I don't know the guy, shut it Ilyeo-baka." he retorted. "Enough!" ordered Sydonay as everyone looked up at him. "He is a new member I introduced. His name is Uso." he declared. Uso looked up, "Hello everyone. I'm Uso." he said, not before meerly staring at everyone. "Anyways, I have gathered us all because... we are planning to put our plans into motion. Starting... with the stars..." he began.

What Stars is Sydonay talking about?! What is gonna go down in the World of the Shinigami?!

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