A city in the middle of the day was a calm thing at best. Humans went around on their daily routine shopping or hanging out with friends. Unbeknown to all of them, far above the ground, a garganta opened up, Letting a tall, black-jacket wearing man, with demonic red wings, step out into the skies above the human world. On his left arm, a shield-like weapon with three black blades was strapped on, and various chains were seen over his body, as well as an eye patch just below his black hair, covering his right eye. As he appeared, the sky near him grew just a bit darker, and several hollows appears, likely just weaklings, but hollows nonetheless.

"Go," the man said in a rough, dark voice, "go and find me someone worthy of a meal." He said, and the hollows darted off in various directions, looking for some nice soul hidden in the city. In the meantime, the man himself waited, patiently.

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